The Similarities And Differences Between Internet Marketing And Traditional Advertising

Published: 21st February 2011
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More and more businesses are utilizing internet marketing to boost their customer base and bottom line. Understanding the similarities and differences between the different types of marketing can help your business decide the right mix of marketing tools for your specific needs.

Both internet marketing and traditional marketing are used to generate interest in a business and their services. Both utilize tailoring marketing messages and placement to the desired audience to produce an optimal reaction or result. Both involve knowledge of the behavioral patterns of potential customers and the best type of message to reach each. For example, traditional marketing requires knowledge of the most effective location of a store and how it affects customer buying patterns and behavior. Internet marketing requires knowledge of the types of advertisements that draw in customers and the buying patterns of customers once they get to a company website or store.

The main difference between internet marketing and traditional marketing is that internet marketing is measurable and immediate. With SEO tools, Miami businesses can see immediately the impact their marketing is having. Daily, even hourly, businesses can see how many individuals clicked on their ads and the traffic that is being driven to their website. Using banner ads, click campaigns, email marketing and SEO tools, Miami businesses can create a comprehensive plan that immediately drives potential customers to their website. Internet marketing tools like SEO or banner ads can also engage potential customers easily. With internet marketing, it simply takes placing a banner ad on a web page to catch the attention of a customer, and mere seconds for them to interact and show interest in the message.

Internet marketing is also more easily changed. While changing a traditional marketing plan involves quite a bit of work and strategy, changing an internet marketing plan can be nearly instant, allowing businesses more flexibility in their strategy.

Most successful businesses use an integrated approach to internet and traditional marketing. Understanding how and when the two overlap is the most effective way to ensuring marketing success.

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